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John Korron

The winter mining setup

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Winter is hear time to make miners profitable again. Now this only works if you realize 2 things.

1) The heat your miner puts into your home is heat you no longer need to supply.
2) The cost of electricity for your miner, is now neutral (Assuming you use electrical heating) or nearly neutral depending on your utility costs.

This opens up a world of possibilities especially with mining rewards/coin prices being stagnant and on the lower side. Any old piece of gear you have kicking around is now instantly profitable for a few months out of the year, I myself am looking at at least 5 months.

Now there are considerations to make such as noise and dissipating the heat. I'm again lucky in that regard, I'm using 4 Avalon 741's and they are workhorses as far as I'm concerned. They are in my basement which is a fairly open space with a footprint of about 500 sqft with stone foundation walls - Talk about clashing times. The basement isn't used for much more than laundry storage and the utilities. So my main concern was the sound at first, especially when the miners first fired up and ramped the fans to 100%.

My story ended easily, I have the controller set to -2 on the voltage offset. The miner temps are 29/86 and 56% fan speed, so far about 24 hours in. I haven't measured the sound but it's quieter than my dryer or furnace when they are running and is more of a gentle hum. Mind you I have an extremely old home with very poor insulation so I could hear my garage set up more clearly as it vented in the direction of my home windows.

Here are some Photos, the insulation was bought for a similar build I never got around to and suited this set up well. I had this rack sitting around and was able to separate it into 2. The "walls" are 2 fold, I wanted to try and damper some sound turns out that is not necessary, but I have a kitten who I'm positive would do something stupid with the irresistible amount of cables/connectors/lights.

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