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John Korron

Proof of Keys / Proof of Trust / Bitcoin Independence Day

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Proof of Keys / Proof of Trust / Bitcoin Independence Day

Folks, the goal should be for everyone to have their keys by January 3rd. Not everyone to withdraw at that time! Also the goal should be to create a culture of permanently holding your own private keys and make it a best practice for every single purchase every time. Every single Satoshi off these exchanges every time! Think about how many people say.. I only have a few dollars worth of bitcoin so my small amount doesn't matter. Wrong! If you added all of those people up you start to appreciate that the cumulative effect of this mentality is devastating as it gives these bank backed exchanges power to control world's largest Bitcoin wallets and hence the price of bitcoin! It's imperative that we speak to our family and friends and fellow community members about the urgency of removing all of Bitcoin off of these exchanges as soon as possible regardless of how much (or little) they own. This is our opportunity to take the power back from these Legacy financial institutions that have obvious conflict of interest with respect to Bitcoin's success! Let's make this happen!

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