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John Korron

Forum Rules

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Posting rules
1: Spamming is not allowed
     One word replies, multiple posting, post hunting is not allowed.
     Bumping is allowed only in marketplace one time  per day(24hours).
     Posting in someone else's thread, where last reply is 6 months before( 1 month for request topics) is not allowed.
     Avoid posting "Wrong Section" and "Request for lock" etc.
     Punishment: 1st is warning, 2nd pm , 3rd permanent ban.
2: Offtopic, Flame posts , bad behaviour will not be tolerated
    Bad behaviour, flaming trolling, fighting,racism, drama, threatening others, talking about police , goverment , lawyers etc, are not allowed at all.
    (Continuous bad behavior EVEN at PMs/Profile Comments/Spam section are not allowed ,punishable by Moderators ONLY)
    Punishment: 1st is warning, 2nd pm , 3rd permanent ban.
3: Sexual, porno, gore content, insulting, warez,religion contents are not allowed
    It will lead to an instant removal of your post/topic/display name (avoid symbols) and will be punished. There is a special section for VIPs only for warez.

    Punishment: 1st pm , 2nd permanent ban.


4: Advertising rules
    You may only advertise your server in the right section.Anything else, is not allowed , except if you get approve from Admin.(Applies to signatures as well)
    Punishment: 1st is warning, 2nd pm , 3rd permanent ban.
5: No greek(or other language) in english topics and no english in greek(or other language) topics
    Use tags in titles if you want to discuss in another languages, example [GR] eimai ellinas.
    Punishment: 1st is warning, 2nd pm , 3rd permanent ban.
6: Use the correct credits when you create a new topic
    (bitcoincheaters sources are made from their members, who are responsible for them)

7: Botnets,Flooders,Booters and any kind of those tools are NOT ALLOWED in here!
    DDoSing is a global crime and its punishable. bitcoincheaters will keep its legal stance by dissalowing these kind of tools. The FBI also is reminding the public that facilitating or conducting a DDoS attack is illegal, punishable by up to 10 years in prison, as well as exposing participants to significant civil liability.

    The FBI is working closely with its international law enforcement partners and others to mitigate these threats. Even making fun of these, will end up to a ban.
    You are not even going to get warned for such situation.

8: Leeching topics from bitcoincheaters.com is not allowed. You will be punished even with permanent ban
    Leeching without our permission is not allowed.
    All members have the right to own a copyright of their work.

9: Don't use big signatures, that exceed 800x300 pixels.
    All oversized signatures will be deleted by administrator.
    Report Maxtor if you see any.

10: Disrespecting our staff will not be tolerated. They spend lots of time and effort to make the forum better. Give them the respect they deserve.
    If you find them abusing their privileges though, you can report them to a Higher moderator, or Maxtor

11: Stolen and Shared VIP accounts will be banned .
    All members must have only one account here.Multiple accounts will be banned including the main one.


12: Members who participate in other replica forums as Moderators will be chat-banned from our Community without any notification (as well their 2nd 3rd.... accounts).

Such replica forums use "dirty" methods like spamming and advertising their community which is not allowed.

13: You are not allowed to post in public Personal Informations(eg pictures from other members etc) and Personal Messages.

Staffers cannot judge someone from PM's with some exceptions. 

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